Washington thinks you can’t be trusted to buy your own car.

The vast majority of Americans will beat a path to the carmakers who build affordable, low emission, high functional vehicles, writes economist Wayne Winegarden in Forbes. So why do we need Washington to tell us what kinds of cars to drive?

According to a study by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, most Americans consider global warming a threat and are concerned about it. And everybody wants to save money on gas.

But the Obama CAFÉ standards would force carmakers to sell electric cars to as many as 30 percent of American car-buyers.

Problem is, electric cars are hugely expensive – even with government subsidies of up to $10,000 per vehicle and special goodies like free charging stations and preferential treatment for electric cars (Hawaii even lets electric car-owners park for free at meters!).

What’s more, electric cars have one-half the driving distance of the average gas-powered car, and recharging the battery takes between five and ten hours, even using “fast charging” technology, making them impractical, especially for long trips.

Washington ought to trust us to choose the cars we buy. After all, we’ve been doing it all our lives.

To learn more and read the article yourself, visit Forbes.

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