Is turkey giving you sticker shock this year?

Is turkey giving you sticker shock this year? Here’s why.

Corn is the primary feed for turkeys, and ethanol subsidies have diverted much of the crop into fuel production – and that raises the price of feed for your gobbler.

Under the ethanol mandate, not only do we put valuable feed material into gasoline production, but we subsidize the whole process. It’s a lose-lose all around.

The real victims are those in the Third World, who rely on grain from American farms to feed poor people.

It’s time to stop using food for fuel. Let’s END the ethanol mandate!


  1. Totally agree! Most people don’t know this but it takes MORE ENERGY to produce a gallon than what you get in your gas tank!

    1. The money in ethanol is not in the ethanol, it is in the by-products. Which have a higher feed value after processing in an ethanol plant than before.

      Right now the corn price is below the break-even point of approximately $3.00 per bushel.
      #2 YELLOW CORN
      Allied Grain
      Futures Month Futures Price Basis Cash Price
      NOV 2017 @C7Z 342’2s -0.68 2.74 Chart
      DEC 2017 @C7Z 342’2s -0.68 2.74 Chart
      JAN 2018 @C8H 355’0s -0.70 2.85 Chart
      MAR 2018 @C8H 355’0s -0.60 2.95 Chart
      MAY 2018 @C8K 363’2s -0.60 3.03 Chart

  2. I want ethanol gone also would like some class action law suits every small engine i own has been ruined by ethanol even with buying stabalizers and fuel treatments

  3. You can not be farther from the truth. Ethanol is one of the best product that is used. It reduces pollution and is more efficient than petroleum products. Com is cheer now than it has been for years so turkey feed l’s really cheep. Also the oil industry is one of the most subsided business in this country.

  4. Corn prices are so low this year, this argument about corn for ethanol has been going on for years. Now there are alternative sources for ethanol. There is more than enough corn to go around

  5. Commodity prices are at less than break even levels. There is way more than enough grain to go around. More than likely, big oil is behind this story. Lots of farmers are hurting because of low commodity prices, they need to be at least a dollar higher across the board.

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