Rigs to Reefs

Since 1984, the “Rigs to Reefs” program has recycled more than 450 offshore oil and gas rigs into artificial reefs that draw coral, shrimp, snapper and other sportfish like magnets.

The program gives new life to the platforms – and creates thriving new deep water habitat for thousands of species that would otherwise have to cling for life in the occasional hard banks that are scattered in the Gulf’s massive floor of mud, clay and silt.

Experienced anglers noticed long ago that offshore oil and gas production created magnets for coral and sportfish.

Now, thanks to “Rigs to Reefs,” instead of scrapping old rigs, oil and gas companies are using them to create new ecosystems for fish – and dream destinations for anglers in the Gulf.


  1. Just how interested are you in promoting this program and what funding is required to turn a rig into a reef?

  2. Yes, please post where they are sunk so we can find and fish them. Would love to know where there are some “unknown” sites.

  3. That very good they are finally doing something good to help the fisherman and to post where are at

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