RGGI in Delaware: Higher Costs, Fewer Jobs, Zero Energy Savings

Delaware is one of nine states to sign the “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative” — RGGI — but there are huge problems. The Delaware legislature has to re-approve the RGGI to extend it.

Here’s why Delaware should turn down the deal.


  1. Like the DNREC was passed and no one was notified. We had four bedrooms added on before DNREC went into effect we cannot be grandfathered in according to them. As I read about them they are working in Pike Creek removing zinc from the ground so homes can be build BUT where they moving the dirt to. This is why I have to have septic approved for four bedrooms. You know as well as I do they will not approve my septic system because they need the money for projects that do not make any sense. Please spread this around to people who have four bedrooms and a septic system.

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