Obama’s “CAFE Standards” will raise the price of your next car by at least $3,000.00

For the “Corporate Average Fuel Economy” program – “CAFE Standards” – to reach its goal, the average price of a new vehicle will skyrocket by at least an additional $3,000.00.  That’s according to the Obama administration’s own technical assessments. Other estimates put the price hike at $7,200.00 per vehicle.

The Department of Transportation is now reviewing the Obama CAFE standards, looking for ways to reduce the burden involved.

CAFE standards are outdated, a relic of the era of gas lines and rationing.

When they were originally conceived in the 1970s, the CAFE standard was a way to reduce imports of foreign oil. More recently, the Obama administration morphed the CAFE Standard into an environmental mandate.

But fuel rationing is not needed today, thanks to the surge in American energy production.

Let’s tell the Department of Transportation to fix the CAFE Standard.

American consumers – not Washington bureaucrats – are the ones who should decide what kinds of cars and trucks we drive.

You can tell the Department of Transportation how YOU feel by emailing them at this address: dot.comments@dot.gov or by posting to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/USDOT/


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