Gettin’ the Facts Out

Recently, Michael Whatley – vice president of Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) and a leading low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) expert – joined Jim Bohannon on his radio show to discuss the energy, national security and economic problems associated with an LCFS.

In case you missed it, here are some of the key take-aways from Whatley’s interview:

On the Constant of Gasoline Combustion

  • “Any time you take a gallon of gasoline, and put in an engine and combust it, you’re going to get 94.5 grams of CO2 that are going to come out of the tailpipe. It’s an absolute constant.”

On the Downside of an LCFS

  • “And if we take [Canadian and Mexican crude] off the table from here, all your going to do is have Canada shift their exports from the United States over to China … and we’re going to have to then turn around and find light, sweet crude supplies, which can only come from the Middle East.”

On China Positioning Itself to Secure Energy Supplies from Canada

  • “Actually, there was a major deal that was signed last week between China Petro Company and the Athabasca oil company up in Canada to specifically start taking Canadian oil sands and shipping it over to China.

On the Threat of a Nationwide, One-Size-Fits-All LCFS

  • “When President Obama was running as a candidate, he actually introduced a low-carbon fuel standard bill, along with Senator Harry Reid, last Congress. And one of his campaign pledges on the environment was that he did plan on enacting a low-carbon fuel standard. And has said that if Congress does not pass legislation with it, within 18 to 24 months, that he would start a regulatory process toward implementing a low-carbon fuel standard.”

On the Effects that an LCFS Will Have on the Price at the Pump

  • “We strongly oppose [an LCFS], because what it will is restrict our ability to use gasoline derived from Canadian oil sands, or American oil shale, or Mexican heavy oil. And according to one recent study would add as much at 60 cents per gallon to gasoline prices nationwide.”