Introduction – March 2015

In recent years, some States have considered multiple policies that would only serve to increase costs to consumers and reduce the reliability and efficiency of transportation fuels. These schemes include “open fuel,” “clean fuel” and “alternative fuel” mandates; carbon taxes; and outright bans on gasoline and diesel produced from specific areas.

These policies, if implemented, inject uncertainty into the marketplace, create new and unnecessary bureaucracies, harm the environment, encourage corruption, and, ultimately, take away consumers’ choices about what kinds of cars they drive and what kinds of fuels they use.

While there are always disagreements over how much such mandates will cost and how much they will impinge on the reliability and efficiency of transportation, no one disagrees that mandates impose real costs on consumers and are especially burdensome to those who are disproportionately affected by high energy costs – the working poor, the elderly, and those on fixed incomes.

Because just about everything we use in our daily lives and almost all the food we eat is transported by trucks or vans, the price of gasoline and diesel ripples through the economy.

We formed because we believe that any government action that increases the cost of energy should be subject to the most careful examination and should only be allowed if it: increases the supply of reliable fuel; preserves consumer choice; provides clear benefits that outweigh the costs; improves the environment; is the result of a transparent process; is easy to explain and understand; and doesn’t create unnecessary government programs or bureaucracies.




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