Divestment: A New York political stunt gone wrong

“We are a beacon of the world,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently wrote. Certainly, no one can deny the influence New York City has on this country. That influence is not decreed but earned by hardworking New Yorkers, and, unfortunately, the mayor’s recent actions against manufacturers in America will hurt the very people who make New York City the beacon that it is.

Mr. de Blasio’s misguided plan is twofold: divest public pension funds of fossil fuel investments and sue a handful of energy manufacturers over climate change. Both approaches are ill-considered and politically motivated.”

Read more at The Washington Times.

Image source: Greg Groesch/The Washington Times


  1. Personally I would have sympathy with the makems IF it wasn”t for the plane stunt. I know only a few were behind it but all the ones I work with thought it was very funny. Now who”s having the last laugh viagra

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