It’s costing us at the pump – and the grocery store

Corn is an important food source, especially for the poor.  So why are we using it to fuel the engines in our cars?

Dr. V.K. Mathur, Ph.D., writes that the “Ethanol Mandate” has raised consumer prices for food and gas and has hurt the environment – while contributing to food shortages in poor countries.  Read more at Sentinel Source.


  1. Ethanol is damaging to engines decreasing fuel economy thus requiring more fuel to run

    1. Pure ethanol is about half the price of gasoline. the down side is that it also has about half the power and therefore half of the fuel mileage. It just doesn’t make sense any way that you figure it out. it is also very harmful to cars and esepcially to small engines. T
      he minueses far outwigh the pluses.

  2. I’ve heard through other sources that some countries don’t want our corn because of the g.m.os. leaving us with tons of corn that’s only good to feed livestock or to make fuel. Is this true? Or is it more b.s. Fed to us by the gov??

  3. I have followed this subject starting from 2004. First part of the U.N. Clean air emissions act was emplimented 2006 that removed some of the hydrocarbons, making the same Galion of fuel with less crude oil, which cut engine effesicenty, less power,less miles per gallon. 2008 so many hydrocarbons were removed the fuel could not meet D.O.T. posted anti knock numbers at the pump. This is where alcohol was blinded in to artificially boost octane numbers with even less power but a detrimental effects on any engine using natural rubber in its fuel system. From 2008 to 2012 a new problem surfaced with consumers machines. The new feel had less shelf life & would separate causing even greater damage to machines holding tanks & fuel systems. This is only a portion of the damage inflicted to personal property & there ecumenics. To rase fuel taxes with out passing a referendum all you have to do is sale more product. Remember new fuel doesn’t go as many miles as old fuel did! This problem has many layers of miss direction & miss use of power. Ultimately the American consumers pade the price.

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