Why a Carbon Tax Does Not Work

“The tax cut Congress and President Trump delivered to the American people in late December is already paying dividends. Retirement funds and stock portfolios have boomed, corporations are repatriating billions of dollars they sheltered overseas, multiple companies have indicated they are going to invest right here in America with new factories and business expansion, and millions of workers have reaped benefits totaling thousands of dollars each in tax cut bonuses, stock options and wage increases.

With millions of Americans benefiting tremendously from these benefits, it might surprise some to hear a cabal of Democratic Party governors and liberal federal Democratic legislators are already angling to raise taxes once again. The governors of Washington State and Oregon, as well as Democrats in Congress, are now pushing bills to dramatically raise the price of energy through either a tax on carbon-dioxide emissions or by establishing a cap on carbon emissions that would force industry and businesses to buy “allowances” to emit additional carbon. Selling limited allowances to emit carbon dioxide is just a carbon tax by another name.”

Read more at The Heartland Institute.

Image source: Getty Images

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