The Building Trades Weigh In – Food for Fuel Costs Jobs!

North America’s Building Trades Unions fight every day for America’s construction workers – seeking better work opportunities, increased wages and protecting benefits.

That’s why they’re so alarmed about S. 517 – the so-called “Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act.”

It’s a bill that, if passed, will let Washington mandate even HIGHER ethanol standards for our gasoline than the current 15 percent. As the Building Trades Unions observe, it will add to the already high costs of ethanol compliance – and it will cost thousands of Americans their jobs.

The Building Trades has written to Senators John Barrasso (R-WY) and Thomas Carper (D-DE) to oppose the bill, which will come before the Senate Energy and Public Works Committee, on which Senators Barrasso and Caper both serve, as chair and ranking member, respectively.

To read the Building Trades Union’s letter, click here: Barrasso Carper re S 517


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    1. It needs to be a choice not a mandate. If you like it than use it but don’t force me to.

  2. Just what we need. More fence row to fence row corn fields. Dry up the cattails so you can plant more corn. No more CRP reserves. A disaster for wildlife. All so we can clog up our small HP engines and reduce the mileage we get for the same price gas. And if you think this is a ‘green! thing to do forget it. Factor in the (fuel) costs of planting, harvesting and processing the corn into a gas additive and you’ve created more carbon pollution than if you had used regular gas w/o the additive. This is crony capitalism at its worst.

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