Can Vermont Survive David Blittersdorf’s Green Agenda?

Developer David Blittersdorf wants to change where people can live and cover the beautiful roaming hills of Vermont with solar panels and wind turbines. Vermont communities are saying no to his plans, but he’s not listening. Read more.

Could this reform the federal energy policy?

An interesting idea: create a House and Natural Resource Committee. It would focus solely on the management and promotion of United States energy natural resources. The objectives are to improve efficiency and effectiveness while increasing accountability. Read more.

Could You Live without Oil and Natural Gas for a Week?

Western Energy Alliance has issued a challenge. Can you survive a full week with no electric lights? No air conditioning?  No Starbucks, no smart phone, no internet, no Netflix? Oil and natural gas are an essential part of our everyday life, providing daily comforts and everything from the food we eat to our medical care — not to mention transportation. …

Giving Power to Unelected

The new mode of government – omit the legislative process and give powers to unelected positions to regulate. President Obama, Governors Jerry Brown, Kate Brown and Jay Inslee are the biggest offenders. They subject Americans to the ideologies of green supporters, who stand to make a sizeable profit off of their green schemes. Read more.

Global Scheme for Green Energy Tax

A tax that goes by many names — carbon fees, carbon tax, climate tax, etc…. Call it what you want, but it is really a tax on energy — a tax that falls hardest on those least able to pay it. Senior citizens, those on fixed incomes and the poor bear the brunt of these schemes. Read more about the …

American Families First

Ohio needs stable and affordable energy to foster their industrial revival. Set political and ideological agendas aside and make decisions that are in the best interest of American families. Stop the Clean Power Plan and protect families. Read more.

Green Schemes Blocked

Well done California Democrats. California Democrats side with Republicans to thwart green scheme policies that burden the poor. Read more.