Vermont “Green” Schemes a Sham

Tax and ratepayers subsidize “green” energy schemes that have no impact on climate change — but will line the pockets of renewable energy providers like David Blittersdorf. Stop wasting Vermonters’ money on projects that hurt the economy, don’t provide stable energy and harm wildlife and habitats. Read more.

Only the Wealthy Can Afford Green

According to the University of Berkeley, 90 percent of tax subsidies for electric vehicles went to the top economic bracket. Read more.

Regulated to Death

Regulating without calculating the cost causes factories to close. WA needs those jobs. Read more.

Force Feeding a Carbon Tax

The VP of Ethan Allen warns Vermonters of state government’s plan to push through a carbon tax to the detriment of its citizens. Read more.

Bullying the Opposition

  Attorneys General who oppose Obama’s mandates find themselves in the crosshairs. Read more.        

Carbon Tax Proposals in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is considering a carbon tax. Two proposals are on the table: Either way, those who cannot afford the tax will feel it the most. Read more.

When Governments Regulate

A new study suggests rate-based regulations such as Renewable Portfolio Standard and Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards are counterproductive, causing more pollution. Read more.

States Rally to Fight Clean Power Plan

Concerned about the legality of the EPA’s regulations and the negative impacts on their citizens and the states, 24 states filed suit against the EPA. Read more.

Vermont Carbon Tax Directed at Citizens

Vermont legislators want a statewide carbon tax. The carbon tax could increase the gas tax by 88 cents per gallon. It’s a tax that threatens to drastically increase the cost of living and hurt businesses. Vermonters can’t afford legislators’ ill-planned green schemes. Read more.

Ohio Needs Affordable Energy

Forcing alternative energy hurts Ohio’s economy and  hurts families. Create an energy policy that works for the whole state, not just a select few. Read more.