is a coalition of consumers, businesses and workers united in the belief that energy empowers us, allows us choices and improves our quality of life.

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Reliable supplies of gasoline, diesel, and home heating oil are crucial to ensuring that families, workers, and businesses have the ability to get where they need to go when they need to get there.  When you fill up the tank, you expect that fuel to work every time.

Whenever politicians and bureaucrats make decisions for us, you can expect that the result will be complicated and expensive.  That’s what happens when we’re told to use a special fuel or to drive a “favored” car.

Consumers, workers, families, and businesses should have the right to choose what cars to drive and what fuels to use.  We should be able to decide what works best for us.  Bureaucrats and special interests should not make those choices.


Make your voice heard and tell your legislators how you feel about government-controlled fuel standards.